BFA4’s go to San Fransisco

A trip of good design, food, and fun

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As per tradition, BFA4’s take a fieldtrip together to a city of their choice in the Spring semester. Meant as a final celebration of having studied, lived, and worked together for four years, the class pools resources and collaborative energy into organizing an excursion.

Spending four days in San Fransisco and the general Bay Area, the BFA4’s made the most of their time and even got to visit the studio of Manual Creative SF, who kindly made time for a tour and questions, as well as a look at some of their work.

BFA4’s visiting the Manual SF studio

BFA4’s visiting the Manual SF studio

Our very own Bay Area local Gian Montes lead a hike through scenic nature spots, complimented by an evening of put-put golf.

Must-see sights such as SF MoMA, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Fenton’s Ice Cream, and Fisherman’s Wharf were also on the itinerary, accumulating in a pleasant holiday from the mounting pressures of thesis work and job applications.

See below for some snapshots of the trip:

Text by DW • Photos by Brian Gelderbloom, Gian Montes, Lyla Zhou, Avery Jagre