We Like Facebook’s Cameron Ewing Online and IRL

Text by Margaret Andersen • Photo by Seoryung Kim

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Cameron Ewing and Dasol Jung discussing recent work

Cameron Ewing and Dasol Jung discussing recent work

MFA alumni Cameron Ewing stopped by the grad studios for desk crits, following a talk he gave for the department’s Visiting Designer Lecture Series.

Since graduating in 2007, Ewing has worked as a designer for Nick Bell in London, for Apple, and now currently as Communication Creative Director at Facebook. His lecture detailed some of his past and current projects, including Internet.org, a Facebook-driven initiative that works with technology leaders and NGO’s to bring internet access to under-served communities world-wide.

Ewing also holds a Post-Baccalaureate degree in Design from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design and a BA in Politics from Princeton University.