“Troubleshoot Outside of the Screen”

8 Questions with Designer and Educator Mindy Seu

Interview by Nadia Haile • Photo by Mindy Seu

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Designer, educator, and cyberfeminism scholar Mindy Seu discusses her favorites and offers advice about clearing your head offline.

Favorite color: Right now, forest green, but I do wear a lot of black.

Favorite typeface: I’m pretty boring—I tend to stick to Executive, Times New Roman, and Neue Haas Grotesk.

Favorite type designer: Donald Knuth.

Favorite album you’ve been listening to recently: Randomly, I’ve been listening to a lot of The Sediment Club’s Stucco Thieves. It’s pretty noisy and out of character for me, but I find it therapeutic.

Favorite play or performance: Oskar Schlemmer. There is a big Bauhaus resurgence in Cambridge since it’s the 100 year anniversary and Harvard has such close ties to Bauhaus. So there are a lot of performances, costumes, diagrams of Schlemmer’s work at Harvard Art Museum that are striking.

Favorite book you’ve read recently: I’m currently reading Cybernetic Revolutionaries, the history of the Chilean computer system called Project Cybersyn.

Favorite movie you’ve seen recently: I recently rewatched Wong Kar Wai’s Happy Together. He is a master of color.

Words of wisdom: Troubleshoot outside of the screen. Take a walk, clear your head, and don’t stress too much—it’s only graphic design haha.

Formerly, Mindy worked at the design consultancy 2×4, and as a design instructor at California College of the Arts. She recently designed and produced archival sites for Ralph Ginzburg and Herb Lubalin’s Eros and Avant Garde magazines. She is currently a student at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and working on a book about cyberfeminism.